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Transfer from Service Building

From Service Building to the dome:

This checklist assumes that the Closing and pumping checklist has been completed, NOTCam is evacuated, firmly attached to the white frame on which the motor and detector controllers will be mounted and which is still attached to the blue lifting table in the service building.

  1. Print a copy of this checklist and check off each item as it is completed.

  2. Close NOTCam vacuum valve. The valve is a big black knob which needs to be rotated several (7) turns.
  3. Close pump valve. The valve is a white knob which should be turned 180 degrees (this goes in a few steps).

  4. Stop pump, and disconnect from dewar. Power off and remove the pressure sensor display (disconnect cable from sensor) since you will need it in the dome.

  5. Turn the motor controller OFF and disconnect the cables that run from the controller to NOTCam (disconnect them where they are attached to NOTCam).

  6. Stop the temperature/pressure logging as instructed in the monitoring page.

  7. Disconnect and wind up the network cable that connected the motor controller with the network and place down the left side of the large workbench.

  8. Connect the normal serial cable to the motor controller, just so we don't loose it!
  9. Make sure all nuts (~32) holding the NOTCam lid are properly tightened.

  10. Move NOTcam to the mechanical workshop and mount the blue adaptor flange plate on NOTCam:

    • Make sure the cross with the lifting ring is still fixed to the adaptor flange properly (according to marks).

    • Install a wire with integral bolt to the topmost mount hole in the adaptor flange. There is a wire large enough to accomodate the hand crane hook.

    • Using the orange hand-crane, lift the adaptor flange.
      It should be hanging vertically in the orientation suitable for attaching to NOTCam in its horizontal position.

    • Bring the flange up to NOTCam then tighten the wing nut on the side

      to ensure correct alignment and bolt it on using the large, black-anodised tabs and their accompanying hex-bolts.
      The tab under the dewar is held on by a normal hexagonal-ended bolt.
      Note the red felt-pen marks for alignment, and the gap information written on the vessel.

    • Unhook the hand-crane from the eyebolt in the adapter flange.

  11. Unscrew the 4 long screws which fix NOTCam to its table.

  12. Park the pick-up outside the workshop and put the large piece of plastic white foam in the back.

  13. Fix NOTCam to the orange hand-crane.
    Do not use rope. There is an eyebolt, with removable bolt, large enough to accomodate the hand-crane hook. It should still be attached to the instrument.

  14. Slowly and carefully move NOTCam onto the back of the pick-up, squarely on the white plastic foam.

  15. Secure NOTCam on the pick-up using the broad yellow strap and cinch, which is usually kept in the back of the pickup.

  16. Drive sloooowly to the dome.


  18. Power-ON telescope.

  19. Go to hoist position.

  20. Set alt 90 on the TCS, and if possible insert the telescope altitude locking pin (behind FIES).

  21. Power-OFF the telescope.

  22. Hit the emergency stop button on the dome floor

  23. Remove the safety chain outside and reverse the pickup truck so that NOTCam is placed immediately under the hoist hook.

  24. Lower the hoist from the dome floor.

  25. Fix NOTCam to the hook using only the eyebolt with removable bolt which you used to move NOTCam with the orange hand-crane.

  26. Lift NOTCam by slow speed only up to the dome floor.
    If the instrument starts to oscillate vertically, even slightly, then STOP and wait for the oscillations to stop before continuing. Under these circumstances, NOTCam is bouncing up and down on the chain, stretching it slightly. Given that the instrument weighs about 200kg and the hoist is specified to carry 500kg max, these oscillations could break the chain if allowed to continue.

  27. Move the pickup truck and replace the safety chain outside.

  28. In the dome move the hoist with the instrument hanging from it towards the telescope structure.

  29. Fix the green hand-winch to the telescope structure, with one of the green straps (folded double), by the eye tab(the one closest to the hoist) used to hold the primary mirror when it is removed for realuminising. Both the green hand-winch and strap can be found next to the hoist.

  30. Attach the hand-winch hook to the cross-fitting mounted on the front of the adaptor flange.

  31. Lift the front face of NOTCam with the hand-winch while gently letting out the hoist chain so that the instrument rotates by ninety degrees until the window is facing upwards and the full weight of the instrument is taken by the hand-winch.

  32. Detach the hoist from NOTCam.

  33. In this turned position, lower the instrument onto its trolley.

  34. Detach and remove the hand-winch.

  35. Dismount the lifting cross and store behind the right-hand metal cupboard on the observing floor.

  36. Place the NOTCam window-protector.

  37. Reset the emergency stop button.

  38. Power on the telescope. Set alt 90 and if the locking pin was used remove it from the telescope.

  39. Check the pickup has been moved then on the TCS go to zenith position, return to park position and power-off the telescope.

  40. Mount the PTR rotary valve and tubes support bracket on to the NOTCam white frame, then if fitted remove the dust cap from the end of the PTR tube and put in the cardboard box in the right-hand cupboard.

  41. Connect the tube to the head, if necessary refer the instructions in the manual that's kept in the right-hand cupboard on the dome floor, with Pluse Tube Cryocooler (PTC) on the front page. Following the instructions in the manual, look at the drawing on page 11, and use the proper tools lying near the manual. Place tube vertical in line with the mounting piece, and turn the knob by hand as long as it goes easy, while holding it straight. Then use the tools and tighten quickly (in order to minimize helium leakage) until fully connected.

  42. Mount the motor controller to the frame, three bolts at the top and one at the bottom.

  43. Connect cables.
    Three round green motor connectors, one smaller green temperature sensor conector, pressure sensor and shutter cables. Also don't forget to connect the orange network cable (rolled where the Stancam PTR hoses goes into the telescope base) to the small black box called 'NPort 5210'.

  44. Make sure that the array controller is switched off. Connect the power cable from the power bar to a 220V socket.

  45. Turn on the motor controller to check the vacuum.

  46. Connect the pressure display to the pressure sensor on the pump.

  47. Connect the pump and continue pumping.

    • Open the vacuum valve on the pump and start the pump.

    • Wait until the pressure at the pump is approximately 1 decade better than the instrument then open the NOTCam vacuum valve.

  48. Refer to the monitoring page to start again the NOTCam log-analyzer program.

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