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StanCam GAIN and RON test instructions

(~10 minutes total time)

Taking images

  • Check that all lights are off in the dome, with 'camara' for example
  • Turn on 'camara illumination' in the control room, right from the autoguider monitor
  • Open mirror covers o-m-c
  • Put CCD Probe to center c-p-c
  • Choose filter-position 0 (no filter)
  • Start StanCam sequencer
  • StanCam sequencer: stancam.qc-script
    • sequence takes 1 dark (not saved), 2 15 second flats (saved), 1 dark (not saved) and 2 darks (saved), runtime 5 mins
    • while reading out flats, check that light level is OK (~20k ADU), if not modify script
    • analyses the images
  • check here for nice pictures
  • Put CCD Probe to park c-p-p
  • Close mirror covers c-m-c
  • Turn off 'camara illumination'
  • analysing existing images use stancam.gainron

How analysing scripts work

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