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Starting and stopping the STANCAM software in Sequencer mode

Guide to Using StanCam in Sequencer mode

Sequencer Reference Manual


  1. On the Chooser click on the line

    ' Willing to manage'

  2. Log in with username 'obs'. Password is the standard one.

  3. In an xterm type

    startobssys stancam

    A window will pop-up, asking for the TCS access code. Type it and press enter. I you type the wrong code the line will be cleared and you must try again.

    All the STANCAM software will now be started - the BIAS programme, a window showing relevant TCS information (the lisa-screen should look like this this ) and the postprocessing control. You will notice two new things, namely an X-terminal in blue colors with the title "STANCAM Seq" and a log program called the Talker.

    Do not close this window.

    The X-terminal (also called "seqterm". Use this command to get another sequencer terminal) is used to type in the sequencer commands. The Talker is used to watch and control the execution of the sequencer commands. Also be aware the IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO TYPE ANY COMMANDS IN THE BIAS "COMMAND" WINDOW.

    Wait until the UT clock in the first line in the BIAS Status window starts to run.

    The data will be saved in /data/stancam and will have the format STph160001.fits, where 'ST' is the image prefix for STANCAM images, 'ph' is for 2006/August, '16' is for the date 16 in the month and '0001' is a running number.

  4. To start the STANCAM electronic observation log: an xterm type
       cd /data/stancam followed by
       obslog-stancam STnnmm\*.fits &
    where "nnmm" is the image prefix of the night.

  5. Use and enjoy the Sequencer.


  1. In an xterm type

    shutdownobssys stancam

  2. Wait for all the control programs to close.

  3. Occationally, it can happen that the Talker (the log) or the SEQ Xterm does not close. Then please close them manually.

  4. To exit the STANCAM Obs Log, press escape in the frame of the STANCAM Obs Log window.

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