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NOT Telemetry Data Archive

The following data sets contain telemetry data obtained for a given date, from 12:00UT to 12:00 UT the following day.

  • ALFOSC Detector: Detector Temperature, Dewar Temperature, Dewar Pressure

  • FIES Detector + Building: Detector Temperature, Dewar Temperature & Pressure
    More than 20 temperature readings from the FIES building. Precise atmospheric pressure reading

  • FIES Exposure Meter: Accumulative counts from the exposuremeter for every object exposure.
    Count level is logged every 3-4 seconds during the exposure

  • NOTCAM Detector + Instrument: Temperatures and Pressure readings from NOTCAM

  • Weather Station: Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Humidity & Atmospheric Pressure from the main weather mast
The individual data sets are in CSV format. The download file is a tarball.


Data Sets: ALFOSC Detector
FIES Detector + Building
FIES Exposure Meter
NOTCAM Detector + Instrument
Weather Station
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