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NORDIC OPTICAL TELESCOPE SCHEDULE, Period 32: Oct 1, 2005 - Apr 1, 2006

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Start Date (Noon)End Date (Noon)Proposal NumberPrincipal InvestigatorInstitute/ CountryProgrammeInstrumentRemarks
Oct 01 Oct 02 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Oct 02 Oct 05 32-210 I. Negueruela Spain El cumulo abierto NGC 7419: Clave para entender las estrellas masivas ALFOSC  
Oct 05 Oct 07 32-215 P. Rodriguez Spain The orbital period distribution of nova remnants ALFOSC  
Oct 07 Oct 08 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time MOSCA  
Oct 08 Oct 13 32-040 D. Zucker Germany Does M31 have as many satellites as predicted by CDM Theory? MOSCA  
Oct 13 Oct 18 32-054 J.-E. Solheim Norway The cooling of the white dwarf PG 0122+200 and neutrino physics ALFOSC  
Oct 18 Oct 19 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Oct 19 Oct 22 32-214 C. Dominguez Spain Abundancias de Berilio en estrellas con planetas y evolucion estelar IACUB  
Oct 22 Oct 26 32-025 H. Schwarz Chile Clearing our dust, looking back to the Big Bang TurPol  
Oct 26 Oct 27 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night NOTCAM Service 
Oct 27 Oct 31 32-024 H. Schwarz Chile 3-D Structure and accurate distances of Planetary Nebulae ALFOSC  
Oct 31 Nov 01 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Nov 01 Nov 04 32-801 IAA Spain ALFOSC Guaranteed time ALFOSC  
Nov 04 Nov 05 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service; half night for 32-038 
Nov 05 Nov 08 32-213 P.J. Gutierrez Spain Estado rotacional de nucleos cometarios ALFOSC  
Nov 08 Nov 09 32-217 C. Zurita Spain Echo-mapping a quiescent black hole ALFOSC  
Nov 09 Nov 10 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC/SOFIN  
Nov 10 Nov 16 32-008 I. Tuominen Finland Magnetic field polarity in active late-type stars SOFIN Service 
Nov 16 Nov 19 32-031 T. Hackman Finland Surface differential rotation of magnetically active single stars SOFIN Service 
Nov 19 Nov 22 32-023 T. Lueftinger Austria Magnetic Doppler imaging of Ap and roAp stars SOFIN Service 
Nov 22 Nov 25 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time LuckyCam  
Nov 25 Nov 27 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night LuckyCam Service 
Nov 27 Nov 29 32-034 M. Gaalfalk Sweden Multiplicity and jets in L1641-N LuckyCam  
Nov 29 Nov 30 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Nov 30 Dec 06 32-012 J. Fynbo Denmark Star-formation in and around DLA0458-02 at z=2.04 ALFOSC  
Dec 06 Dec 07 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Dec 07 Dec 11 32-042 B. Voss Germany Lightcurves of new candidate ZZ Ceti stars ALFOSC  
Dec 11 Dec 12 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Dec 12 Dec 20 32-018 J. Warell Sweden Circulation of the deep atmosphere of Venus NOTCAM First three hours each night 
Dec 12 Dec 16 32-034 M. Gaalfalk Sweden Multiplicity and jets in L1641-N NOTCAM  
Dec 16 Dec 20 32-301 R. Peletier Netherlands MAGPOP - The star formation history of dwarf galaxies (ITP time) NOTCAM  
Dec 20 Dec 22 32-201 R. Lopez Spain Proper motion of HH-jets from NIR imaging NOTCAM  
Dec 22 Dec 23 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Dec 23 Dec 24 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time MOSCA  
Dec 24 Dec 26 32-036 L. Glowienka Denmark Delta Scuti stars and detached eclipsing binaries in NGC 1817 MOSCA  
Dec 26 Dec 29 32-202 N. Caon Spain The structure of the low surface brightness stellar host in BCDs ALFOSC  
Dec 29 Jan 01 32-301 R. Peletier Netherlands MAGPOP - The star formation history of dwarf galaxies (ITP time) ALFOSC  
Jan 01 Jan 03 32-049 K. Muinonen Finland Physical and dynamical characterization of Near-Earth Objects ALFOSC  
Jan 03 Jan 04 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Jan 04 Jan 05 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Jan 05 Jan 07 32-211 E. Guerrero Spain Multi-site monitoring of the Earthshine ALFOSC Bright half of night 
Jan 05 Jan 07 32-218 J. Zamorano Spain Multiwavelength SFR tracers in local star-forming galaxies ALFOSC Dark half of night 
Jan 07 Jan 09 32-299 CAT Spain CAT Service night ALFOSC  
Jan 09 Jan 13 32-212 M. Manteiga Spain Clasificacion de estrellas utilizando tecnicas de Inteligencia Artificial ALFOSC  
Jan 13 Jan 18 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Jan 18 Jan 19 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Jan 19 Jan 20 32-299 CAT Spain CAT Service night ALFOSC  
Jan 20 Jan 23 32-007 K. Nilsson Finland The origin of intranight variability in AGN ALFOSC  
Jan 23 Jan 25 32-211 E. Guerrero Spain Multi-site monitoring of the Earthshine ALFOSC Bright half of night 
Jan 23 Jan 25 32-218 J. Zamorano Spain Multiwavelength SFR tracers in local star-forming galaxies ALFOSC Dark half of night 
Jan 25 Jan 26 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Jan 26 Jan 27 32-014 E. Zachrisson Sweden The halos of post-starburst galaxies MOSCA Service 
Jan 27 Jan 28 32-043 V. Sigmundsson Iceland Mergers of galaxy clusters: Star formation along the shock front MOSCA  
Jan 28 Feb 03 32-048 H. Dahle Norway Deep U-band imaging of lensing clusters MOSCA  
Feb 03 Feb 04 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC  
Feb 04 Feb 06 32-049 K. Muinonen Finland Physical and dynamical characterization of Near-Earth Objects ALFOSC  
Feb 06 Feb 07 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Feb 07 Feb 08 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time NOTCAM Service 
Feb 08 Feb 17 32-018 J. Warell Sweden Circulation of the deep atmosphere of Venus NOTCAM Last three hours each night 
Feb 08 Feb 11 32-206 M.R. Zapatero Spain Enanas marrones en el Pesebre NOTCAM  
Feb 11 Feb 15 32-301 R. Peletier Netherlands MAGPOP - The star formation history of dwarf galaxies (ITP time) NOTCAM  
Feb 15 Feb 17 32-014 E. Zachrisson Sweden The halos of post-starburst galaxies NOTCAM Service 
Feb 17 Feb 18 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Feb 18 Feb 20 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Feb 20 Feb 22 32-049 K. Muinonen Finland Physical and dynamical characterization of Near-Earth Objects ALFOSC  
Feb 22 Feb 23 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time ALFOSC  
Feb 23 Feb 24 32-015 M. Hayes Sweden Deep emission-line images of Lyman alpha galaxies ALFOSC Service 
Feb 24 Feb 28 32-005 P. Lilje Norway The FRI/FRII dichotomy: Caused by black hole mass and accretion rate? ALFOSC  
Feb 28 Mar 03 32-802 J. Fynbo Denmark ALFOSC Guaranteed time ALFOSC  
Mar 03 Mar 04 32-208 B. Cedres Spain Abundancia de oxigeno en galaxias: Metodo P ALFOSC  
Mar 04 Mar 05 32-199 Various Nordic Nordic service night ALFOSC Service 
Mar 05 Mar 07 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time SOFIN  
Mar 07 Mar 15 32-019 S. Feltzing Sweden New observational constraints on how the disks in our Galaxy formed SOFIN Service 
Mar 07 Mar 15 32-028 H. Korhonen Germany Magnetism and stellar meridional flow SOFIN Service 
Mar 15 Mar 16 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time NOTCAM  
Mar 16 Mar 20 33-010 H. Schwarz Chile Clearing our Dust, Looking back to the Big Bang TurPol  
Mar 20 Mar 21 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time Stancam/ Turpol  
Mar 21 Mar 25 32-025 H. Schwarz Chile Clearing our dust, looking back to the Big Bang TurPol  
Mar 25 Mar 26 32-901 Staff NOT Technical time MOSCA Half night 
Mar 25 Mar 27 32-041 T. Lisker Switzerland The nature of the nuclei of dwarf elliptical galaxies MOSCA Service; 1.5 nights 
Mar 27 Apr 01 32-045 G. Ostlin Sweden The physical nature of dwarf starburst galaxies MOSCA  

Approved Target-of-Opportunity programmes, in priority order:
J. Fynbo et al.: Gamma Ray Bursts: An enigma and a tool. Max. 12 alerts, 8 nights total time. May interrupt ongoing integrations. P32-010
V. Stanishev et al.: Physics of nearby Type Ia supernovae.Max. 8 alerts w./ 2 follow-ups; 4 nights total time. P32-002

Monitoring programme (all Nordic observing nights):
J. Hjorth: Time Delays of Gravitationally Lensed QSOs. Allocation: 15 mins every night (excluding CAT and ITP nights). P32-044

Other monitoring programmes (mostly done by staff in service mode):
W. Nowotny: AGB stars in NGC 147 and NGC 185. Allocation: 15x1 hrs (ALFOSC). P32-001
K. Muinonen: Astrometry of Near Earth Asteroids. Allocation: 6x2 hrs (ALFOSC). P32-049

Type AllocationNumber
NOT Regular proposals OPC001-100
OPTICON proposals CTAC101-150
ChETEC proposals USP151-198
NOT Service nights OPC199
CAT Regular proposals CAT201-298
CAT Service nights CAT299
ITP proposals CCI301-399
NOT Fast-track proposals OPC401-499
NOT Large Proposals OPC501-599
Educational time, etc. OPC701-799
Guaranteed time nights NOT801-899
Technical time nights NOT901
Stand-down NOT000
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