1995 Oct 1 - 1996 Mar 31

Starting  Ending  Principal       Institute     Programme                                        Instrument(s)   Remarks
date      date    Investigator              

Oct 1     Oct 5   CCI             CCI time  

Oct 5     Oct 8   M. Fridlund     ESA/ESTEC                                                      PCD             3x3h tech. t.

Oct 5     Oct 10  M. Jablonski    Oslo obs.     Flare monitoring of the visual binary EQ Pegasi  B/C+PCD   

Oct 10    Oct 12  R. Stabell      Oslo obs.     The Einstein Cross revisited                     BroCam    

Oct 12    Oct 15                                                                                                 Staff time 

Oct 15    Oct 20  A. Manchado     IAC           Catalogo de Imagenes en Filtros Estrechos de N.. IAC CCD  

Oct 20    Oct 24  L. Takalo       Tuorla obs.   High-resolution imaging of radio selected BL Lac BroCam    

Oct 24    Oct 28  P. Muhli        Helsinki obs. CCD photometry of black hole and neutron star .. BroCam

Oct 28    Oct 31                                                                                                 Staff time 

Oct 31    Nov 10  J. Vernin       DAUN          Characterization of temporal evolution of atmo.. Own             Technical t. 

Nov 10    Nov 13                                                                                                 Technical t. 

Nov 13    Nov 15  L. Festin       Uppsala obs.  Deep I photometry and astrometry for determina.. HiRAC     

Nov 15    Nov 21  L. Festin       Uppsala obs.  Deep CCD photometry for determination of the ..  BroCam    

Nov 21    Nov 24  Xavier Barcons  IAC           Morphology and photometry of galaxies produc...  BroCam   

Nov 24    Nov 27  P. Lilje        Oslo obs.     Gravitational lensing from rich clusters of ...  BroCam    

Nov 27    Nov 30  A. Goobar       Stockholm obs.Homogeneity of high-redshift supernovae          BroCam    

Nov 30    Dec  2  V. Grinin       Crimean obs.  Comet-like activity around UX Ori type stars     SOFIN     

Dec 2     Dec 14  I. Tuominen     Helsinki obs. Magnetic field and starspot imaging of RS Cv...  SOFIN           12x5h  

Dec 2     Dec 14  A. Brandenburg  NORDITA       Evolution of magnetic regions in FK Comae ...    SOFIN           12x1.5h 

Dec 2     Dec 14  P. Petrov       Crimean obs.  Disk-winds of T Tauri stars                      SOFIN           6x1.5h 

Dec 2     Dec 14  O. Engvold      Oslo obs.     Modelling of active regions on a rapidly rota..  SOFIN           10x1h 

Dec 14    Dec 17  A. Goobar       Stockholm obs.Homogeneity of high-redshift supernovae          BroCam    

Dec 17    Dec 20  IAC time        IAC           IAC (nw24)                                       IAC CCD  

Dec 20    Dec 24  J. Kotilainen   Tuorla obs.   Properties of the host galaxies of X-ray sel...  BroCam    

Dec 24    Dec 29  L. Hansen       Copenhagen o. Origin of dust and ionized gas in dominant ...   BroCam    

Dec 29    Jan 1                                                                                                  Staff time 

Jan 1     Jan 8   M. Fridlund     ESA/ESTEC     Optical study cometary globules                  CCD+LDS   

Jan 8     Jan 10                                                                                                 Technical time  

Jan 10    Jan 14                                Commissioning of ALFOSC                          ALFOSC          Technical time 

Jan 14    Jan 16                                                                                                 Staff time 

Jan 16    Jan 19  P. Hakala       Oxford univ.  A search for missing cataclysmic variables in..  BroCam    

Jan 19    Jan 22  P. Lilje        Oslo obs.     The cluster environments of redshift 0.5 - 1 ..  BroCam

Jan 22    Jan 25  P. Hakala       Oxford univ.  A search for missing cataclysmic variables in..  BroCam    

Jan 25    Jan 28  P. Lilje        Oslo obs.     The cluster environments of redshift 0.5 - 1 ..  BroCam    

Jan 28    Jan 29                  IAC           Commissioning of Hexaflex                        Hexaflex        Technical time 

Jan 29    Feb 4   B.G. Lorenzo    IAC           Espectroscopia bidimensional de galaxias Seyf..  Hexaflex  

Feb 4     Feb 7                                                                                                  Technical time 

Feb 7     Feb 8                   IAC           Commissioning of IACUB                           IACUB           Technical time 

Feb 8     Feb 11  R.J.G. Lopez    IAC           Espectroscopia de alta resolucion con IACUB: ..  IACUB     

Feb 11    Feb 15  IAC time        IAC           IAC (nw39)                                       IACUB    

Feb 15    Feb 20  Vauclair+       IAC           Asteroseismology of the pulsating DB             Own      
                  Belmonte                      white dwarf CBS114

Feb 20    Feb 26  J.E. Solheim    Tromso univ.  Whole Earth telescope campaign on RE 0751+14     Own       

Feb 26    Mar 1   Schnopper       DSRI          Optical identification of the softest X-ray      BroCam    
                                                sources discovered with ROSAT pointings   

Mar 1     Mar 5   Fernandez       IAC           Observaciones de la linea 10830 A de HeI         SOFIN    
                  -Figueroa                     en sistemas RS Cvn

Mar 5     Mar 9   Wahlgren        Lund obs.     Pt and Hg in metallic lined A-type stars         SOFIN     

Mar 9     Mar 12  Tautvaisiene    Lithuania     Chemical composition of the RHB stars in         SOFIN     
                                                the galactic field

Mar 12    Mar 16  Hidalgo-Gamez   Uppsala obs.  Spectroscopy of a sample of dwarf                ALFOSC    
                                                irregular galaxies

Mar 16    Mar 17  G. Ostlin       Uppsala obs.  Heavy element abundances in Mrk116b              ALFOSC    

Mar 17    Mar 20  G. Ostlin       Uppsala obs.  Broad- and narrow-band imaging of nearby         BroCam
                                                dwarf irregular galaxies

Mar 20    Mar 23  Jorsater                      The extent of the HI halo in barred              BroCam    
                                                spiral galaxies

Mar 23    Mar 28  P. Mahonen      Oulu univ.    Kinematics of Virgo dwarfs: substructure in     LDS       
                                                the Virgo cluster and Ho

Mar 28    Apr 1   P. Gammelgaard  Aarhus univ.  Sulphur abundance in 5 northern spiral galaxies  ALFOSC