1996 Apr 1 - 1996 Sep 30

Starting Ending Principal Institute Programme Instrument Remarks date date Investigator
Apr 1 Apr 7 technical time Apr 7 Apr 9 J. M. Rodriguez IAC Observaciones Pre-ISO de una Brocam Espinosa muestra completa de AGN Apr 9 Apr 12 D. E. Perez-Olea UAM Circumnuclear starbursts in BroCam radio quiet galaxies Apr 12 Apr 14 P. Lilje Oslo Univ. Multi-waveband imaging of BroCam hyperluminous IRAS galaxies Apr 14 Apr 17 P. Beckman IAC CCI programme BroCam CCI time Apr 17 Apr 21 C. Fransson Stockholm obs. Circumstellar interaction in LDS type II supernovae Apr 21 Apr 25 X. Barcons IFCA Morphology and photometry of BroCam galaxies producing Ly alpha absorption Apr 25 Apr 28 P. Moller STScI Core properties of ellipticals BroCam high resolution imaging Apr 28 May 2 J. Casares Oxford Univ. Spectropolarimetric study of LDS+own V795 Her and other SW Sex stars May 2 May 9 technical time May 9 May 12 C. Esteban IAC Imagen profunda H alpha de BroCam galaxies Wolf-Rayet May 12 May 17 M. Moles IAA Universalidad de la relacion BroCam shared time Villamate plano fundamental para galaxias May 12 May 17 R. Rebolo IAC El test de brillo superficial BroCam shared time de Tolman y la expansion del Universo May 17 May 19 P. Hakala Oxford Univ. X-ray source population of BroCam M5 and M33 May 19 May 24 J.M.M. Mirones IFCA Identification de protogalaxias BroCam a z about 3.5 mediante el "Lyman Break" May 24 May 28 E. Harlaftis St Andrews Univ Echo tomography in X-ray TPh binaries May 28 Jun 1 H. Schwarz NOT Dynamics of the inner regions own of bipolar planetary nebulae Jun 1 Jun 4 H. Schwarz NOT Distances to planetary nebulae BroCam precision parallaxes Jun 4 Jun 8 Commissioning of ALFOSC ALFOSC technical time Jun 8 Jun 12 A. Jaunsen Oslo univ. Galaxy-galaxy weak ALFOSC gravitational lensing Jun 12 Jun 16 M. Naslund Stockholm obs. Luminosity function and ALFOSC populations of ... Jun 16 Jun 20 T. Pursimo Tuorla obs. Polarization of radio-emitting BroCam X-ray BL Lac candidates Jun 20 Jun 24 H.S. Sanghera JIVE The host galaxies of compact BroCam steep spectrum sources Jun 24 Jun 25 J. Hjorth Cambridge Univ. Short time-scale monitoring of BroCam the quadruple lens B1422+231 Jun 25 Jun 27 H. Schwarz NOT Distances to planetary nebulae BroCam galactic reddening Jun 27 Jun 28 Commissioning of IACUB IACUB technical time Jun 28 Jul 2 J. Beckman IAC Propiedades y parametros IACUB fsicos de la nube fria ... Jul 2 Jul 5 V. Reglero Univ. of Modelos cromosfericos de IACUB Velasco Valencia estrellas frias Jul 5 Jul 8 NOT staff time Jul 8 Jul 13 L. Takalo Tuorla obs. High-resolution imaging of BroCam radio-selected BL Lacs Jul 13 Jul 17 P. Linde Lund obs. BroCam shifted time Jul 17 Jul 21 J. Kotilainen Tuorla obs. Optical imaging polarimetry of BroCam active galactic nuclei Jul 21 Jul 26 P. Lilje Oslo univ. A comparative study of radio BroCam quiet and radio loud QSO evironments Jul 26 Jul 28 H. Schwartz NOT Distances to planetary nebulae B&C reddening of the nebulae Jul 28 Aug 2 I. Tuominen Oulu univ. Magnetic field and starspot SOFIN imaging of RS CVn stars Aug 2 Aug 4 technical time Aug 4 Aug 5 NOT staff time Aug 5 Aug 9 A. Manchado IAC Catalogo de imagenes en filtros IAC CCD estrechos de nebulosas planetarias Aug 9 Aug 13 P. Muhli Helsinki univ. CCD photometry of Cyg X-3 and BroCam AC211 Aug 13 Aug 15 P. Hakala Oxford univ. X-ray source population of M5 BroCam and M33 Aug 15 Aug 18 P. Magnusson Uppsala obs. Physical and astrometric ALFOSC observations of trans-neptunian objects Aug 18 Aug 21 K. Lehtinen Helsinki univ. Long-slit spectroscopy of ALFOSC globules Aug 21 Aug 24 NOT staff time Aug 24 Sep 3 G. Olofsson Stockholm obs. An IR search for very faint Arnica 4 nights young objects Aug 24 Sep 3 L. Hunt Arcetri obs. Quantifying the connection Arnica 3 nights between AGN and their host galaxies Aug 24 Sep 3 L. Testi Arcetri obs. The initial mass function of Arnica 3 nights star forming regions Aug 24 Sep 3 G. P. Tozzi Arcetri obs. Activity of comet C/1995 01 Arnica 10x1h (Hale-Bopp) Sep 3 Sep 4 NOT staff time Sep 4 Sep 8 P. Gammelgaard Aarhus univ. Sulphur abundances in northern ALFOSC spiral galaxies Sep 8 Sep 14 J. E. Solheim Tromso univ. Astroseismology of white dwarf TPh stars Sep 14 Sep 19 P. Moller STScI The Ly alpha "silver lining" BroCam effect at high z Sep 19 Sep 22 P. Moller STScI Core properties of ellipticals BroCam high-resolution imaging Sep 22 Sep 24 A. M. Hidalgo- Uppsala obs. Spectroscopy of a sample of ALFOSC Gamez dwarf irregular galaxies Sep 24 Sep 27 L. Festin Uppsala obs. Deep JK photometry for determi- Arnica nation of the Pleiade IMF Sep 27 Sep 29 R. Rebolo IAC CCI programme Arnica CCI time Sep 29 Oct 1 J. E. Beckman IAC CCI programme Arnica CCI time Sep 24 Oct 1 G. P. Tozzi Arcetri obs. Activity of comet C/1995 01 Arnica 7x1h (Hale-Bopp)