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Program: 68-501 Sollerman ea

Kilonovae and Supernovae with ZTF during LVK O4

Observing instructions:


In this directory you will find the OB compiled scripts. Please execute the requested scripts.

Program Tracking
Proposal 68-501
Semester P69: 20240401 - 20241001
Principal Investigator Jesper Sollerman
Programme Kilonovae and Supernovae with ZTF during LVK O4
Instrument ALFOSC/StanCam+NOTCam+FIES
Time Allocation Hard triggers 10x(1-2)x1.5h, follow-up 4x5x1.5h
Total Nights 5.0
Type ToO+SoftToO
Notes Override. Follow-up soft triggers during Nordic service or Technical nights
Total Time Spent 25:29 (hh:mm)
Proposal Date Time Type Targets Files Comments Status
68-501 2024-04-01 02:14 SoftToO ZTF24aaaibep, SP1045+378, ZTF24aaczfve,
ALHd010071 - ALHd010077, ALHd010090 - ALHd010096, ALHd010139 - ALHd010145, ALHd010150 - ALHd010157 All targets were observed in clear skies or through thin clouds with their "good-seeing" variant except ztf24aaczfve_spec_1_3 which used the 1.3" slit because of slightly increased seeing conditions through the slight cloud cover. Observed
68-501 2024-04-04 01:46 SoftToO SP1045+378, ZTF24aahdihc, ZTF24aagfeti,
ALHd040043 - ALHd040049, ALHd040054 - ALHd040060, ALHd040080 - ALHd040093 All of the targets were observed during good seeing. Observed
68-501 2024-04-05 00:06 SoftToO SP1045+378, ZTF24aahtnpc ALHd050001 - ALHd0500014 The standard OB was the only one observed successfully. ZTF24aahtnpc was tried many times but the first time was disrupted by humidity. The spectrum readout with half the exposure time showed some spectral features, but the files produced after that most likely aren't useful to look at. Observed
68-501 2024-04-06 01:55 SoftToO SP1045+378, ZTF24aagndyg, ZTF24aaifosg ALHd060123 - ALHd060129, ALHd060209 - ALHd060223, ALHd060249 - ALHd060257 Seeing conditions demanded using the 1.3'' slit scripts the whole night. Now that I'm writing this summary, I noticed that I have observed the same target, ZTF24aagndyg, twice. I had started the correct script around 1:11, but I had to abort it due to software issues. I must have just selected the wrong one of the nearly similarly named OBs when I was meant to restart the ZTF24aahsmkt observation again. I didn't notice the error even with the finding charts because they happen to be very similar as well (extended object in the middle, a point source on its top right, a semi-bright star a bit up near the right frame border, and two stars next to one another horizontally on the left). For this reason, only one observation of ZTF24aagndyg was taken account in the time spent. Observed
68-501 2024-04-11 00:33 SoftToO SP1045+378, SN2024ehs, ZTF24aagqhnx ALHd110104 - ALHd110110, ALHd110164 - ALHd110170, ALHd110149 - ALHd110152 Observed std star and SN2024_ehs in dusty conditions with high seeing. Attempted ZTF24aagqhnx but aborted after the first frame as seeing was way beyond defined constraints. I included the files for this attempt in the file listing above in case it is of any use to you. Observed
68-501 2024-04-11 00:38 ToO SN2024ggi ALHd110155 - ALHd110162 Observed ToO SN2024ggi through dusty skies and seeing no less than 3 arcsec. Observed
68-501 2024-04-12 02:41 SoftToO SN2024ggi, ZTF24aagqhnx, SP1550+330 FIHd120094 - FIHd120098, ALHd120271 - ALHd120280, FIHd120115 - FIHd120117 There was calima during the night, which affected the seeing, but the sky remained clear. The seeing was mostly around 2 arcsec, though it dropped a little from time to time. Observed
68-501 2024-04-13 01:19 SoftToO SN2024ehs, SP1550+330 FIHd130113 - FIHd130117, FIHd130133 - FIHd130135 Both targets were observed during a clear sky. I noticed that the standard and target had different fibers in use. Observed
68-501 2024-04-15 00:38 SoftToO SN2024ggi, SP1550+330 ALHd150048 - ALHd150055, ALHd150119 - ALHd150125 SN2024ggi was observed as the first target of the night because the following hours were dedicated to hard ToOs. The target was brighter than the finding chart indicated. The wider slit was chosen as there was no prior knowledge of seeing. Clear spectral features in Quickspec. The standard was observe in the middle of the night. Observed
68-501 2024-04-19 00:34 SoftToO SN2024ggi, SP1045+378 ALHd190170 - ALHd190184 Poor seeing due to high airmass Observed
68-501 2024-04-26 01:17 SoftToO ZTF23abjrdem, SP1045+378, SN2024ehs,
ALHd260266 - ALHd260270, ALHd260278 - ALHd260284, ALHd260289 - ALHd260295, ALHd260339 - ALHd260345 Observed in clear skies with seeing around 0.8" For ZTF23abjrdem some of the calibrations are missing due to a software error. As the target itself was observed without issue I did not repeat the OB. Observed
68-501 2024-04-30 00:51 SoftToO ZTF24aaiwgyo, SN2024ggi ALHd300065 - ALHd300078 Observed with clear sky and seeing around 1 arcsec. Observed
68-501 2024-05-09 00:36 SoftToO SP1045+378, ZTF24aalppmi ALHe090148 - ALHe090154, ALHe090282 - ALHe090288 Standard observed in clear skies, ztf24aalppmi thin clouds. Seeing around 1 arcsec for both targets. 1_0" slit observation block. Missed SN2024ehs due to clouds. Observed
68-501 2024-05-13 00:43 SoftToO SN2024ehs, SP1045+378 ALHe130057 - ALHe130071 Two targets observed with 1.3" slits. Observed
68-501 2024-05-14 01:06 SoftToO SP1045+378, ZTF24aacrbua ALHe140050 - ALHe140056,ALHe140076 - ALHe140083 Observed through thin clouds, 1.0" seeing. Data for target ztf24aaleeji will be shared from proposal 68-505. Observed
68-501 2024-05-17 01:49 SoftToO SP1045+378, ZTF24aankvcy, ZTF23aaquhaz ALHe170222 - ALHe170228, ALHe170257 - ALHe170263, ALHe170338 - ALHe170347 Observed with thin clouds (ZTF24aankvcy and std) or clear sky (ZTF23aaquhaz). Seeing was better than 1 arcsec. Data from ZTF24aankvcy shared with 69-108. Observed
68-501 2024-05-18 00:46 SoftToO ZTF23aaquhaz ALHe180108 - ALHe180116 Observed with clear skies and sub-arcsec seeing. Observed
68-501 2024-05-27 00:40 SoftToO SP1550+330, ZTF24aaleeji ALHe270150 - ALHe270156, ALHe270170 - ALHe270176 Observed in clear skies with seeing below 1.0" Observed
68-501 2024-05-28 00:22 SoftToO ZTF24aaozxhx, ZTF24aamipnt ALHe280177 - ALHe280183, ALHe280229 - ALHe280233, ALHe280312 - ALHe280318 Observed in clear skies with seeing around or below 1.0" Standard star (ALHe280229 - ALHe280233) was observed in 68-505 and shared with the wrong proposal by mistake. Standards should be available to everyone anyway so no harm done here and no time lost. ztf24aamipnt was successfully observed far into twilight but technically failed as the conditions weren't met. No time will be deducted for this target. Observed
68-501 2024-06-07 01:21 SoftToO SN2024ehs, SP1550+330, ZTF24aaleeji ALHf070127 - ALHf070134, ALHf070173 - ALHf070179, ALHf070180 - ALHf070186 All requested SoftToO targets observed according to requirements with their <1.3" seeing option. Observed
68-501 2024-06-08 00:23 SoftToO SP1036+433, ZTF24aankvcy ALHf080151 - ALHf080154, ALHf080178 - ALHf080184 Science target observed with the 1_0" slit variant. Standard star was shared from 69-028. Observed
68-501 2024-06-15 00:56 SoftToO ZTF24aagfeti, SP1550+330 ALHf150068 - ALHf150072, ALHf150088 - ALHf150094 Science target and standard observed. For some reason the files produced were not properly tracked in the ob-tracking system so please be aware that the science exposures for ztf24aagfeti are available as files ALHf150068-69 ! Observed
68-501 2024-06-17 01:15 ToO ZTF24aascytf, SP1550+330 ALHf170210 - ALHf170217, ALHf170292 - ALHf170298 The seeing got worse all of a sudden during the science exposure, but remained mostly below 1.3''. Observed
68-501 2024-06-20 01:00 SoftToO ZTF24aaleeji ALHf200174 - ALHf200181 Clear skies and subarcsec seeing. For the standard use the BD332642 standard observation of proposal 68-505 ( std_spec_bd332642_1_0). Observed


The above information is collected from the ToO/Mon reports that have been created by the observer.

Should any of the observations have been carried out using the OB system, you will find additional information HERE

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