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P69-023: Chasing the most exotic gamma-ray bursts

PI: Daniele B. Malesani

ALFOSC/StanCam+NOTCam ToO + SoftToO

ToO triggers have override status, SoftToOs can trigger in Nordic Service a nd Technical nights.

The OB generator will be used to request all observations.
The OBs will automatically appear in the OB queue and OB generated scripts will be automatically placed in the directory ~/scripts/69-023/.

For the observer:

Go to the directory
  cd ~/scripts/69-023
List the available scripts
  ls -lrt
and execute the OB generated scripts requested.

Make sure that differential skyflats are obtained for the camera and filter setup that is requested.

Remember to fill the ToO tracking log of this program.

Program Tracking
Proposal 69-023
Semester P69: 20240401 - 20241001
Principal Investigator Daniele Bjorn Malesani
Programme Chasing the most exotic gamma-ray bursts
Instrument ALFOSC/StanCam+NOTCam
Time Allocation 12 triggers, follow-up 4x5 epochs up to 3h. NOTCam 3h obs
Total Nights 24h+3h
Type ToO+SoftToO
Notes Override. Follow-up soft triggers during Nordic service or Technical nights
Total Time Spent 10:39 (hh:mm)
Proposal Date Time Type Targets Files Comments Status
69-023 2024-04-11 00:38 ToO grb240411b ALHd110178 - ALHd110185 The photometry block was observed with cloudy skies and seeing no lower than 3 arcsec. Image showed no sign of the target so we did not attempt spectroscopic follow up, but this would not have been permitted with the 1.3 arcsecond seeing requirement on these blocks anyway. Observed
69-023 2024-04-14 00:25 ToO GRB240414A ALHd140044 - ALHd140048 The target was observed during a clear sky. Based on the raw frames, the target more visible in the r' filter frames. Observed
69-023 2024-04-15 00:49 ToO GRB240415A, GRB240414A ALHd150060 - ALHd150065, ALHd150079 - ALHd150080 GRB240415A was observed twice because the seeing turned really bad really fast the duration of the observation. There was time to try again during decent seeing, and the GRB was visual in the second attempt. GRB240414A was observed with stable seeing at 1.8'' but there was no visual signal in the raw frames in the r' frame as yesterday. Observed
69-023 2024-04-17 01:15 ToO EP240408a ALHd170113 - ALHd170144 Observed through clouds, thicker in the beginning of the OB, so no guiding was possible, but because the exposures are short and the stars were still visible in the images we still took the data. The r'-band images are much worse quality, and in a lot of them the stars aren't really visible through the clouds. The clouds cleared up in the z'-band and we could start guiding again (especially starting in the the third exposure) so we're setting the OB to completed because this was the priority band. Very variable seeing around 1.5-2 arcsec. Observed
69-023 2024-04-18 01:13 ToO EP240408a, GRB240418A ALHd180141 - ALHd180148 ; ALHd180163 - ALHd180170 In regards to EP240408a, we managed to acquire 8/16 exposures of the target before it hid behind thick clouds. Observed with seeing below 1.1 arcsec through very thin clouds, so the 8 exposures acquired should have been observed according to the requirements. In regards to GRB240418A, we also observed it through thin clouds, with sub-arcsec seeing. We lost guiding briefly in file ALHd180169, due to clouds getting thicker, but regained it after a few seconds. Observed
69-023 2024-04-19 00:37 ToO GRB240419B ALHd190276 - ALHd190283 Observed with some thin clouds and seeing 1.5-2.0 arcsec Observed
69-023 2024-04-20 00:00 ToO Observation failed as the sky and seeing requirements could not be met. Failed
69-023 2024-05-01 00:00 ToO Too cloudy Failed
69-023 2024-05-02 01:33 ToO EP240408a, GRB240402B ALHe020136 - ALHe020151, ALHe020244 - ALHe020252 Both targets observed in clear skies with seeing at or below 1.0" Caught satellite trails during both observations, but these did not go over the target location itself Observed
69-023 2024-05-11 00:38 ToO GRB 240511A ALHe110145 - ALHe110152 observed with clear skies (I think) and seeing 1.45" for r' and 1.1" for z' Observed
69-023 2024-05-12 00:54 ToO GRB240511A ALHe120317 - ALHe120321 observed, clear skies, starting at airmass 1.91, seeing started at 1.4" but was later 1.5"-1.6" Observed
69-023 2024-05-28 00:16 ToO grb240528a ALHe280306 - ALHe280311 Observed in clear skies with seeing around 1.0" Observed
69-023 2024-06-19 00:38 ToO GRB240615A ALHf190173 - ALHf190180 Clear skies and sub-arcsec seeing Observed
69-023 2024-06-20 00:40 ToO GRB240615A ALHf200344 - ALHf200358 Clear skies and 1'' seeing. Observed
69-023 2024-06-21 01:03 ToO GRB240619A ALHf210061 - ALHf210074 The GRB was visible in the raw frames. Observed


The above information is collected from the ToO/Mon reports that have been created by the observer.

Should any of the observations have been carried out using the OB system, you will find additional information HERE

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