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P69-030: Oscillating wildly - Characterising the nature of unusually pulsating stars III

P.I.: V. Antoci

This is a Monitoring program using FIES.

Instrument setup

  • FIES

  • High-res fiber F4

Afternoon instructions

  • Run afternoon calibrations: fies-calibs -fib 4

Observing instructions

  • On the Queue page, make sure the OB-generated observing script is written to disk, or else 'compile'

  • Go to directory: cd ~/obs/scripts/69-030/ and do ls -lrt

  • Start the requested OB generated script

Program Tracking
Proposal 69-030
Semester P69: 20240401 - 20241001
Principal Investigator Victoria Antoci
Programme Oscillating wildly-Characterising the nature of unusually pulsating stars III
Instrument FIES
Time Allocation 2 separate observations of 8 sources
Total Nights 20.0h
Type Mon
Notes Fixed dates to be scheduled
Total Time Spent 04:04 (hh:mm)
Proposal Date Time Type Targets Files Comments Status
69-030 2024-04-05 00:00 Mon HD97160 - The target was missed due to clouds covering its area. It was tried once nevertheless, but a guide star wasn't found. Failed
69-030 2024-04-13 00:26 Mon HD97160 FIHd130110 - FIHd130112 HD39390 was missed as the telescope had to be kept closed due to a combination of dusty air and strong wind. When the winded calmed down a bit, it was too late to observe HD39390 following the air mass restriction. HD97160 on the other hand was observed successfully, but the lower hatch was closed due to the moderate wind. Observed
69-030 2024-04-21 00:28 Mon HD39390 FIHd210063 - FIHd210066 Observed with thin clouds. At the end of the exposure clouds got denser and the guide star was lost, but the exposure was already reading out. Observed
69-030 2024-05-04 00:26 Mon HD114839 FIHe040106 - FIHe040108 Observed in thin clouds with seeing around 0.8" Observed
69-030 2024-05-14 00:26 Mon HD114839 FIHe140096 - FIHe140098 Target observed through thin clouds with 1" seeing. Observed
69-030 2024-06-16 02:18 Mon KIC7900367 FIHf160078 - FIHf160082 Target observed with clear skies and subarcsec seeing Observed


The above information is collected from the ToO/Mon reports that have been created by the observer.

Should any of the observations have been carried out using the OB system, you will find additional information HERE

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