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The NOT Standard Star Catalogues Page

How do I use the NOT standard star catalogues?

All the stars from the Star Catalogues are always available from the TCS. There are different ways to preset the telescope to the desired standard star e.g.:
  • If you know the name of the star and want to use the default "Field-Rotation":
    • on the TCS (e.g.):
      goto-object A_PG1633+099
    • from the sequencer window (e.g.):
      tcs.goto-object A_PG1633+099
  • If you know the name of the star and want to preset with the parallactic angle:
    • on the TCS (e.g.):
      find-object SP1550+330
    • from the sequencer window (e.g.):
      tcs.find-object SP1550+330
  • If you want to see the catalogue on the TCS-screen and select the target:

    • read-cat "name_of_catalogue" on the TCS terminal

    Which standard star catalogues are available?

    Currently the following standard star catalogues are available, click on your favourite catalogue to get more information:

    Photometric standards catalogue(
    A selection of fields with three or more well-observed stars
    Stetson fields catalogue (
    Landolt fields catalogue (
    JHK standards Hunt et al. 1998 (
    JHK standards Leggett et al. 2006 (
    Selected JHK standards (
    A few JHK standard fields with finding charts, visibility plot and scripts
    Flux standards for FIES (
    Flux standards for ALFOSC (
    Radial velocity standards (
    Gemini page for near-IR telluric standards
    Includes a search utility to get the nearest standard of a given spectral type
    High polarization standards ( )
    Zero polarization standards ( )
    A catalogue with focus and blank fields for the whole RA range
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