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Sideports Operation

It was decided, the dome side ports will be operative with the motors locally. So you only need to press a green button on the observing floor for opening every group of ports. There are 8 buttons to be pressed and every one opens 2 doors.

The green buttons will move it from the place you are, so pressing will open or close and will stop the door if you press when moving. You only have to press once and wait until the door stops by itself. In case of emergency ,you can press it when moving and that will stop the door, also, there is a red button which will stop too if you hit it. You can see them in images below.

Please, go one by one until it gets to the end ,not all at the same time.

In a image below you can see how it looks the door now with the safety airport belt, which can be removed if needed, for example for LN2 bottles.

In case of problems and you want to manually open or close the ports, you can see in the image below, how those 2 yellow painted arms are placed, in the right motor, it´s in position for powered motion and in the left motor it´s ready for manual operation, so, up for motor power and down for human power. See that small piece of gray foam rubber for securing the bar after moving it.

Enjoy it and be carefull with fingers.

The manual locking when doors closed has been secured with a cable tie, it can only be used if you close manually by cuting the cable tie.

Carlos Perez

Pair of Sideports
Control Buttons
Motors and arm positions

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