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Technical Details of the Telescope

Mounting of telescope:altitude-azimuth
Total moving weight of telescope:43 tons
Weight of telescope tube:6800 kg
Type of optical system:(Super) Ritchey-Chretien

Equivalent focal distance of system:28160 mm
Effective aperture ratio of system:f/11

Longitude:17° 52' 59.7" W = 1h 11m 32.0s W
Longitude (new from GPS):17° 53' 06.3" W
Latitude:+28° 45' 20.5"
Latitude (new from GPS):+28° 45' 26.2"
Altitude:2382 m
Minimum accessible declination:-55 deg.

Primary mirror (M1):
Second degree coefficient of radius:-4.8828125 x 10^-5
Fourth degree coefficient of radius:+1.721171778 x 10^-15
Sixth degree coefficient of radius:-1.5207 x 10^-25
Mirror material:Zerodur, delivered by Schott Glaswerke in Mainz, Germany
Mirror:Ground and polished at Tuorla Observatory, university of Turku, early spring 1988
Diameter:2560 mm
Diameter of aperture stop:2495 mm
Diameter of central hole:340mm
Peripheral thickness:190.3mm
Weight:1925 kg
Focal Length:5120 mm
Aperture ratio:f/2
Conic constant:-1.014785
Secondary mirror (M2):
Diameter:510 mm
Weight:35 kg
Radius of curvature:-2287.25 mm
Conic constant:-2.234127

Min zenith distance due to zenith sigularity:4 arcmin
Blind tracking accuracy: 0.17 "/min at zenith distance 14°
0.6 "/min at zenith distance 70°
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion of mirrors:<0.00000001/K (between 0° and 50°C)
Energy concentration:80% within 0.4"
100% within 0.7"
Total field of view:30'
Focal plane scale:7.33"/mm
Focus-value scale (in telescope focal plane):66 focus units / mm shift     ( or 15.2 micron/unit)
Focus-value scale (at secondary):0.35 micron movement per focus unit (a positive offset moves the secondary away from the primary)
Autoguider X,Y probe scale:0.00718 arcsec per unit
Autoguider TV pixel scale:0.222 arcsec in X and 0.145 arcsec in Y
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