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ALFOSC drawings

All drawings are in PDF format
Some of the titles are translated from Danish
and may include wrong terms.
(almost) all drawings in one PDF-file (42Mb gzipped!!!)
Main assembly
Sub-assembly grp 1, optical bench
Small base
Optical bench
Diagonal rail for optical bench
Large base
Side rail
Cross rail for optical bench
Support angle
End flange
Stopper for collimator and camera
Part of mounting for assembly of collimator and camera
Buckle for camera and collimator
Sub assembly grp 2, wheel general
Wheel (before outmilling)
Center flange/axel
Flange for assembly of wave spring and ball bearing
Gear wheel for slits, filter and grism wheel
Distance bushing
Ball bearing housing
Plate for bearing assembly
End cover
Assembly plate for worm and engine etc.
Mounting for assembly of step motor
Big nut for worm bearing
Little nut for worm bearing
Distance plate for double bearing on worm
Bearing housing for worm at motor
Axel for worm screw
Bearing housing for worm
Mounting for print 1
Mounting for print 2
Flange for position measuring
Flange for motor
Gear wheel for pre-load system
Sub-assembly grp 3, Aperture wheel
Slit wheel
Spring for slit housing
Slit housing
Head for slit wheel suspension
Slit wheel suspension
Cross brace for slit wheel suspension
Side piece for slit wheel suspension
Bases for slit wheel suspension
Filter wheel
Filter holder
Lock for filter
Gear trestle for filter wheel
Head for gear trestle for filter wheel
Tube for suspension for filter wheel
Base for wheel suspension for filter wheel
Spring for lock for filter
Sub-assembly grp 5, shutter
Plate for el. connector
Motor console
Platefor bearing/console
Pinion wheel
Support for hall sw.
Reconstruct center flange/axel
Shutter disc
Hub for disc
Sub-assembly grp 6, grism wheel
Grism wheel
Baffle for grisms
Tube for baffle
Plate for baffle
Gear trestle for grism wheel
Head for gear trestle for grism wheel
Tube for suspension for grism wheel
Base for suspension for grism wheel
Sub-assembly grp 7, grism
Flange for tube, gr 3-4-5-6-7
Retaining ring, gr 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12
Tube for grism, gr 3-4-5-6-7
Flange for tube, gr 10-11-12
Retaining ring, gr 10-11-12
Tube for grism, gr 10-11-12
Flange for tube, gr 8-9-13
Tube for grism, gr 8-9-13
Grism 3 mount
Grism 4 mount
Grism 5 mount
Grism 6 mount
Grism 7 mount
Grism 8 mount
Grism 9 mount
Grism 10 mount
Grism 11 mount
Grism 12 mount
Grism 13 mount
Camera assembly.
Camera division drawings.
Camera motor mount.
Camera End nut.
Camera gear wheel.
Camera housing.
Sub assembly grp 9, cover
Door for aperture wheel
Beam profile
Beam profile
Beam profile
Beam profile A-B-C
Z profile frame
Side wall
Beam profile
Beam profile
Beam profile
Beam profile
Bottom wall
Beam profile
Seal flange, outer flange
Seal flange, inner flange
End wall
Top wall, small
Beam profile
Top wall, large
Holder for Spanish filter
Retaining ring for filter
Holder for Spanish filter
Holder for Spanish filter
Filter wheel for Spanish filters
End flange
ALFOSC assembly
ALFOSC beamsplitter holder
ALFOSC beamsplitter holder
ALFOSC beamsplitter holding plate
ALFOSC flange 1/interface bonnet
ALFOSC flange 2/interface bonnet
ALFOSC distance tube
ALFOSC support angle
ALFOSC support angle
ALFOSC interface assembly

ALFOSC Front Flange (dewar window) assembly (jpg)

ALFOSC VPH grism #17 (jpg)
ALFOSC VPH grism #17 (jpg)

ALFOSC slit holder (jpg)

ALFOSC CCD14 Dewar (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 Tank (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 front flange (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 front flange assembly (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 front flange details (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 field lenses (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 mount (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 No.8 camera head (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 camera head (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 inner tank (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 rad. shield (pdf)
ALFOSC CCD14 end flange (pdf)
CCD3 Controller (pdf)

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