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Arguments[-e] [-f] [-n <nn>] [-o <ObjName>] [-lmi] <lampID> <tt>
Short DescriptionSets ALFOSC calibration items up for a calibration spectrum with lamp <lampID>, take <nn> calibration images of exposure time <tt>, switch off lamps and, if not -lmi is given, take out mirror. With <lampID>=He/Ne/HeNe/ThAr/Halogen .
Long DescriptionScript for making a calibration spectrum with ALFOSC. Possible arguments are:
  • -e      echo mode: do not execute commands, only echo them
  • -f      fast mode: script will return during the readout of the last exposure
  • -n <Nexp>   optional number of exposures (default=1)
  • -o <ObjectName>   optional ObjectName
  • -lmi   if set the mirror will stay in the beam at exit
  • <lampID>       with <lampID>=He/Ne/HeNe/ThAr/Halogen
  • <exptime>   exposure time
Sets the ALFOSC calibration items (mirror & lamps) up for a calibration spectrum, takes the calibration image(s) of which the last one in the background, switches off lamps, and per default takes calibration mirror out at exit. Switches autosave_on, and leaves it on. Moves FAPOL out if necesary. Sets header IMTYPE to FLAT/WAVE . If an <ObjectName> is given (double quoted if containing spaces), then the string will be added to the already present lamp specifier in the OBJECT FITS keyword. If CNTR-C is pressed the ongoing exposure will be aborted, and the calibration mirror will be moved out of the beam. NOTE: the last exposure will be taken in the background, so that instrument setup can be done during readout.
Usage example:
  alfosc.calibexp -n 2 Halogen 15   Makes 2 halogen flatfield images with individual exposure time of 15s.
Depends Onalfosc.autosave_on alfosc.carriage alfosc.expose alfosc.imtype alfosc.lamp alfosc.mirror alfosc.object alfosc.wait-camera-state
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