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Arguments[-c] [-q] [-nofo] <slit> <tt>
Short DescriptionScript for ALFOSC-spectroscopy target acquisition for slit <slit> using exposure time <tt>. If optional flag -c is used, a check image of the star on the slit is made. If optional flag -q is used, the user is queried for another iteration. The -nofo flag should be used if no automatic focus-offset should be set.
Long Description

Script for ALFOSC-spectroscopy target acquisition. Supported modes:
  - single-star long-slit
  - echelle
  - spectropolarimetry

  • -c   make a check image of the star and the slit.
  • -q   query the user for another iteration.
  • -nofo   do not execute alfosc.focus-offset
  • <slit-specifier>   unambiguous string to specify slit.
  • <exptime>   exposure time for target acquisition images.
Will first do a binned full-frame image and then another iteration on a 800x800 windowed image. The binned image is taken with 1/4 of the requested exposure time. The acquisition images are analysed interactively using slitoff, which will move the telescope and guide probe to get the star on the requested slit.
The user may request a check of the positioning by making an additional test image with the slit in the beam. In this case the slit will be left in the beam at exit of the script. The user may request an interactive query, which allows to do additional slitoff iterations, and in case a slit image is requested to do aditional slit images.
If a polarimetry slitlet is specified, the script will setup for spectropolarimetry. This script makes sure that the aperture and grism wheels are correctly positioned, and does not move any of the filter wheels for in case a (blocking-)filter has to be in the beam (which should be put in the beam before starting alfosc.acquisition). Exception: if a filter-wheel (cross-disperser) grism is in the beam, the filter wheel will be put to OPEN. Moves the calibration mirror out of the beam. Moves the FAPOL carriage in/out when necesary. Moves to the default internal focus for normal and specpol setups. Executes alfosc.focus-offset before the first acquisition image is taken, unless command-line flag -nofo is given. Exits with full-frame unbinned CCD settings, and autosave_on. Note: the slit specifier should be a unique string. A list of optical elements can be found here.
Usage example:
  alfosc.acquisition -c -q Slit_1.0 2   Makes acquisition with 2s exposure time, using horizontal 1.0" slit, shows check-image of the star and the slit and queries user for another iteration.
Depends Onalfosc.alfoscfocus alfosc.aperture alfosc.autosave_on alfosc.bin alfosc.carriage alfosc.expose alfosc.filter alfosc.grism alfosc.mirror alfosc.object alfosc.optics alfosc.resetxy alfosc.wait_alfosc_ready alfosc.xbeg alfosc.xsize alfosc.ybeg alfosc.ysize alfosc.wcs-align
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