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Arguments[-e] [-nowakeup] [-std] <Nang> <ObjName> <tt> <Ncyc>
Short DescriptionSets up and executes a set of linear polarimetry spectroscopy exposures with <Nang> angles, exposure time <tt> and <Ncyc> cycles.
Long DescriptionChecks if polarizer and polarimetry slitlet are in and moves them in if necessary and does cycles of exposures. The object name is set to <myobject> and the current polarizer angle is added (e.g. "<myobject> 0deg"), object name is cleared when script ends. Does NOT window the read-out! Available number of angles: 4 (0°, 22.5°, 45°, and 67.5°) 8 (0° to 157.5° in steps of 22.5°) 16 (0° to 337.5° in steps of 22.5°)
Depends Onalfosc.aperture alfosc.carriage alfosc.expose alfosc.object alfosc.polarizer alfosc.wait_alfosc_ready
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