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FIES for ALFOSC user

This page is aimed for ALFOSC users who need to use FIES for override programmes. The idea is just to show the core commands and the details can be found from the FIES documentation and the FIES Cookbook.


  • Start/re-start the FIES+STANCAM software. The FIES+STANCAM Sequencer is usually started in a different work space on lisa than the ALFOSC one.

  • Run the fies-calibs script in a sequencer window for the requested fibre,
    • For example for the medium resolution fibre (a.k.a. fib 3)
      fies.fies-calibs -fib 3
    • The script can be run in the afternoon and takes about 45 minutes to complete.


Before starting FIES observations,
  • write down the telescope focus for ALFOSC, assuming you have focused the telescope earlier using ALFOSC.

  • Setup the telescope for FIES with
    (this will set the correct focus, camera-probe etc for fies)

  • navigate to the correct directory (StanCam sequencer window), e.g. cd scripts/42-007

  • Run the fies-script (provided by the override PI) from the StanCam sequencer window. Follow the instructions given by the script.

When all FIES observations are done
  • Setup the telescope to ALFOSC, type on a sequencer window
    (this will set the default telescope focus, park the camera-probe, field rotation etc for ALFOSC )

  • Change the telescope focus, if needed
          tcs.focus-position "the number you wrote down earlier"
    or focus the telescope with
Make sure that the camera-probe is in the "park-position" and that the telescope focus has correct value (close to 26530).
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