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Polarimetry with ALFOSC

Observing Instructions and Tools

  • ALFOSC Cookbook - Polarimetry

  • Linear polarimetry with "Wedged DoubleWollaston" (WeDoWo) prism (starting April 1, 2010)

  • Linear polarimetry with FAPOL (imaging and spectroscopy)
  • Circular polarimetry with FAPOL (imaging and spectroscopy)
  • Linear imaging polarimetry with polaroids
  • Simultaneous linear and circular polarimetry with FAPOL (is being tested)

  • Linear polarimetry quick look tool
  • Circular polarimetry quick look tool

  • Zero polarisation standards
  • High polarisation standards

    See the official sequencer script page for more helpfull information about the sequencer and scripting.

    You may use the OB generator to produce fully automatic scripts, also in visitor mode.

    NB! Since April 2012 the Calcite mounting is in its default orientation, i.e. the two components are split horizontally on the CCD. An intermediate solution of rotating the Calcite to reduce overheads was at work from Nov 2008 until Apr 2012. With the new controller from June 2011, there is no need to produce horizontal spectra to save readout time. See the polarimetry instrument setup page for details.

    Preparing Observations and Data Reduction

  • Available instrument setups

  • Choosing filters for polarimetry and spectropolarimetry

  • How to estimate S/N for ALFOSC polarimetry

  • Wavelength dependent position angle correction

  • ALFOSC linear polarimetry accuracy using FAPOL

  • FAPOL calcite with dust, a test "the influence of dirt on the calcite on the polarization measurements"

  • WeDoWo accuracy and calibrations

  • Overheads at the NOT

    Usefull stuff

  • Useful reference publications
  • Commissioning report
  • Practical information about calcites, polaroids....

    Out of curiosity

    FAPOL stands for FASU POLarizer
    FASU stands for Filter And Shutter Unit

  • Instrument setup (staff only!)

  • WeDoWo staff page