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NOTCam Yn filter

NOT filter number:222
Dimensions:25-mm round.
Filter name:Yn
Marking on filter edge:
Cosmetic defects:

on: 1.005 micron
central: 1.028 micron
off: 1.051 micron
FWHM: 0.046 micron

  • Transmission curves: png image
    Note: This transmission curve is from the manufacturer (made at ambient temperature). Cold scans made with the NOTCam grism provided the the FWHM and the actual off and on given above. Transmission curve and ascii table from the cold scan inside NOTCam is pending.

  • Notes: Purchased as part of the Gemini NIR filter consortium.

  • About the Yn filter: Note that this filter was ordered in a batch of 6 filters to several user institutions under the name "Z". However, it is very different from the new Z band (FWHM: 0.84-0.93 mic) in the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) ZYJHK photometric system, which roughly corresponds to the optical SDSS z'. On the other hand it has the same central wavelength as the UKIDSS Y filter (FWHM: 0.97-1.07 mic), although it is only half as broad. For this reason we have renamed it to Yn, where the "n" stands for "narrow". It should be mentioned that the Yn filter is quite close to the IRWG iz (1.032 mic) filter (FWHM: 0.996 - 1.069 mic), a filter proposed by Young, Milone and Stagg (1994, A&AS 105, 259) following the recommendations of the Infrared Working Group (IRWG). See also Milone and Young (2005, PASP 117, 485).
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