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Spectroscopy with NOTCAM

Near-IR spectroscopy

NOTCAM can be used as an imager and as a spectrograph. The switch between imaging and spectroscopy takes less than a minute, and is achieved by simply moving a slit and a grism into the beam. A switch between imaging/spectroscopy typically requires the telescope to be refocussed.

Camera Wavelength Range Dispersion (Å/pixel) Slit Length Detector Comments
low-res spectroscopy
Z 0.83 - 0.95 µm  
Y 0.955 - 1.085 µm  
Yn 1.00 - 1.05 µm  
J 1.16 - 1.33 µm  
H 1.48 - 1.78 µm  
K 1.95 - 2.36 µm  
    1.7 in Z
    1.9 in Y
    2.1 in Yn
    2.5 in J
    3.1 in H
    4.1 in K
4 arcmin HAWAII 1kx1k HgCdTe R=2500 with 0.6arcsec slit
med-res spectroscopy
Pa-beta 1.26-1.34 µm 
1.57-1.67 µm 
Br-gamma 2.07-2.20 µm 
80 arcsec HAWAII 1kx1k HgCdTe R~5500 with 0.2arcsec slit
For WFC spectroscopy the exact range in the K band depends on the choice of K filter (K',Ks,K).
For WFC spectroscopy the J-band range is sampled in two orders which both are sampled on the detector simultaneously (see example image).
For WFC spectroscopy the Z-band range (filter Yn #222) is sampled in two orders which both are sampled on the detector simultaneously (see example image).

Available slits

For WFC spectroscopy we have a dedicated big slit (approx 0.6 arcsec wide). For HRC spectroscopy we have a dedicated small slit (approx 0.2 arcsec wide), but in principle the big slit can be used as well. There is no wide slit available, but for flux standards a wide pinhole can be used.

Calibration unit

The calibration unit is mounted in the telescope baffle, and can only be used with the mirror cover closed. This causes a 1-minute overhead to open/close the mirror. Note that the Argon lamp takes a while to switch on (please exercise it in the afternoon).

  • Arc maps and sky lines
  • Typical exposure times for the calibration lamps (halogen,Argon,Xenon)

    System efficiency, expected count rates, etc.

  • Science-grade array
  • Exposure-time calculator

    Run preparation

  • Create NOT TCS target catalogue (make sure to include your standards as well).
  • ING source visibility plot form
  • NOTCAM script creation: to create batch files for dithering, etc.
        Note that nodding along the slit corresponds to a movement in the X direction.

    User manuals

  • NOTCAM users guide aimed at imaging, but with a lot of general info about NOTCAM
  • NOTCam Cookbook (NOTCam observer's manual)
  • For more info on NOTCAM spectroscopy, see the first-light and commisioning reports below.
  • For more info on NOTCAM in general, see the NOTCAM main page

    Commissioning results

    Reports on commissioning, first observations, possible upgrades

    Calibration unit Pictures

    Staff routines

  • How to focus and align slits
  • Slit shape monitoring

    John Telting (jht)
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