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StanCam quick guide

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  • Telescope start-up:
    Make sure that the telescope power is on, hatch(es) and mirror cover are open (see cookbook)

  • Make sure that the STANCAM sequencer has been started.

  • Go to the script directory (e.g. cd scripts/45-678), if needed.

  • Note the Cassegrain instrument setup, especially the focus value, if you will use the Cassegrain instrument after StanCam

  • Telescope setup:
    run script tcs.setup-tel-stancam on a StanCam sequencer window. This will:
      tcs.ccd-filter 0                 (STANCAM no filter)      
      tcs.tcs-command "instrument-name STANCAM"
      tcs.tcs-command "field-rotation 0"
      tcs.offset-size 10 10
      tcs.probe-step-size 5 5
      tcs.tcs-command "box-at-center"
      tcs.background-box-position 400 400
    Note, all above commands can be given from the TCS as well, e.g. focus-position

  • Focus the telescope, if needed

  • Preset the telescope to the target

  • Choose the desired filter
     e.g. ccd-filter 4 when using the TCS
     or tcs.ccd-filter 4 when using the sequencer

  • Start autoguiding, if needed, (e.g. ag-on, see the TCS pages)

  • Adjust the telescope focus, if needed (e.g. tcs.focus-position 23080 or tcs.focus-delta 40

  • Start integrating (e.g. expose 120) or run the script, (see the StanCam sequencer commands )

Hints & trouble shooting

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