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NOT Observing Block Generator


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Welcome to the NOT Observing Block Generator.

This web interface allows you to completely define a set of observations using any of the instruments available at the NOT. The observation requirements are defined using a simple set of webforms. Each of the forms hold information on a particular aspect of the observations, for instance, target details, observational constraints & instrument setup. Together they make up a complete description of a set of observations at the NOT which can be translated into observing scripts and executed at the telescope.

The OB Generator is primarily meant to be used by observers requesting observations to be carried out in service mode, like for Fast-Track and Target-of-Opportunity programs. However, visiting observers are also very welcome to use this tool.

By definition, observations are divided in OB-Groups that are associated with a (fast-track or regular) observing proposal. A Group consists of all observations which need to be executed in a single night (e.g., an object and a standard star). Each Group consists of one or more Observing Blocks (OBs). An OB per definition consists of a telescope pointing to a single object with observations using a single instrument. In its turn an OB consists of one or more Observing Sequence(s), which define the details of the instrument set-up(s) to be used, and the (one or more) exposure(s) to be made.

The first step to proceed is to login to the system. If this is your first visit, you first need to create a new user. Once logged in, help pages are available across the system to aid you in all aspects of defining a set of observations. If you have technical questions or comments concerning the functioning of the NOT OB Generator, please contact If you have questions about how to define OBs and/or Observing Sequences, please contact

An overview of the steps needed to define sets of observations is given below:

Login ↴ -> Identify yourself to the system Proposal A ↴ -> Select & associate the Proposal for which to make OBs Group A ↴ -> Define & set properties Block A ↴ -> Define Target & Acquisition details. Observing Constraints Sequence A -> Detector & Instrument Setup. Integration Details Sequence B -> Add, Copy or Import Sequences as required ... Block B ↴ -> Add, Copy or Import Blocks as required Sequence A Sequence B ... ... Group B ↴ -> Add, Copy or Import Groups as required ... Proposal B ... -> Add, Copy or Import Groups, Blocks or Sequences

The NOT OB Generator uses session cookies to ensure that you are recognised as you move from page to page. For the correct functioning of the OB generator, it is essential that you allow your browser to accept cookies from our site.

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