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SEQUENCER Reference Manual

The Sequencer is a scripting extension to the Instrument, Detector and Telescope control systems and consists of a list of commands availabe to the user through the Observing System Interface.

The commands are implemented as executables from an ordinary unix shell, which allows for the creation of sophisticated observing scripts using intepreters such as bash, tcsh etc. Some scripts have proven very useful and are actively maintained by NOT staff and made available to the observers.

Below are a list of links that will show all Sequencer commands and scripts that we currently offer to the observers.

  • General Commands
  • ALFOSC Basic Imaging
  • ALFOSC Basic Spectroscopy
  • ALFOSC Basic Polarimetry reference
  • ALFOSC Complete reference
  • FIES Commands
  • FIES Scripts
  • MOSCA Commands
  • MOSCA Scripts
  • NotCam Commands
  • NotCam Scripts
  • StanCam Commands
  • StanCam Scripts
  • Telescope Commands
  • Telescope Scripts
  • A guide on how to create observing scripts can be found here

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