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The NOT Image Gallery

The images on these pages are Copyright (C) of Aarhus Univeristy - Nordic Optical Telescope. They may be reproduced without modification for non-commercial use if credit is given to the Nordic Optical Telescope and the author of the image as given in each image caption. Any modification of these images, or any commercial use of any image, require the prior written permission of the NOT Director. Questions about the images or offers to contribute additional images should be directed to our feedback page
Astronomical pictures taken with the NOT
The Moon
The Solar System
Galactic objects
Extragalactic objects
The telescope
Panoramic view inside the dome
Views from the ORM (e.g sunsets)
Miscellaneous pictures
Events on La Palma
Inauguration of the NOT 1989
Venus transit 2004
Snow at the Roque in the early 2005
Aluminization of the mirrors, June 2014

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