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Mechanics and Cryogenics

  • NOTCam uses a combination of static LN2 cooling and a pulse tube refrigerator (crycooler) or PTR. The PTR is manufactured by Iwatani consisting of the CW303 compressor, the M101 rotary valve and the S050 PTR cold head. This combination is rated to lift 10W at 75 Kelvin.
  • A report (postscript) on the heat load of NOTCam internal wiring, March 1998.
  • A report (gzipped postscript, 5MB) on installing the insulation blanket, Sept 1999
  • A report on the cryogenic testing of anodised aluminium: text, figures 1, figures 2, references (gzipped postscript).
  • NOTCam: Vacuum and cryogenic characterization ( postscript, HTML ) by Anton Norup Sørensen, IJAF Technical Report #6, June 2001.