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Main Mirror
Main mirror (foto's R. Rekola)

Telescope Technical Information

Telescope Tube
Telescope tube (foto's R. Rekola)

Telescope General
Technical overview of the Telescope - Geographical location, telescope metrics, etc.
Some Properties of the NOT (Document from 1990 by A. Ardeberg, Lund Observatory.)
The NOT building (Document from 1990 by A. Ardeberg, Lund Observatory.)
Telescope Technical Details
Drawings of the Cassegrain instrument adapter flange as eps, DWG, DXF, PDF file icon colour, PDF file icon b/w. (Courtesy Niels Michaelsen, CUO/IJAF.)
Report on Aluminization of Primary 1997 PDF file icon.
Mirror aluminisation May 2002
Pointing Models
Proposed New Guide System and Camera PDF file icon, Graham Cox, rev Feb.2005
Spectral response of our Standard Gen3 guide camera.
Telescope Image Quality
Analysis of WFS Measurements from the first half of 2004 PDF file icon Graham Cox, 2004
Analysis of WFS data, March 2002 - April 2003 PDF file icon Graham Cox, 2003
Analysis of the NOT primary Mirror Dynamics PDF file icon Graham Cox, 2000
Validation of the Active Optics on the NOT PDF file icon Vincent Belmont, 2000
WFS Measuring Procedure
Report on Tracking/Autoguiding Test (21/10/97) PDF file icon
Image quality at the NOT PDF file icon Michael I. Andersen, Anton Norup Sørensen, 1996, IJAF Report #2
Blind tracking
Reflectivity measurements
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