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MOSaic CAmera

General Information
Instrument Overview
Optical filter data base, current instrument setup
MOSCA filter focus offsets
MOSCA fixed instrument setup
Observer's guides
NOT/MOSCA Observers Cookbook Quick reference guide
Software Startup Procedure , SEQUENCER Reference Manual
Focusing MOSCA, PSF across the field
Trouble shooting
Using MOSCA parallel to StanCam , FIES for MOSCA users
Data reduction
Detector, technical
SIGNAL (Exp time calculator), read out times
Dark-frame info
Detector Quality Monitoring, Detector CCD7/10/11/12
Staff pages
General pumping procedure
Cooling from warm procedure
Mounting MOSCA
Installing filters for MOSCA
MOSCA Filtername change procedure.
MOSCA rotation centre monitoring
Comments to Tapio Pursimo
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