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Tools & Resources for Observers

The NOT FAQ page Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about observing at the NOT
Sequencer Reference Manual A description of all available Sequencer commands and scripts
Overheads at the NOT Table of typical overheads for different operations at the telescope
Data retrieval Instructions on how to download your data from NOT's data server
FITS Header Archive Search through our FITS header archive
NOT Telemetry Archive Download nightly telemetry datasets such as FIES exposure meter counts

The NOT OB Generator Create observing blocks to be executed at the telescope
Pointing Script Generator Create and upload telescope pointing scripts with finding charts.
Observing Overhead Calculator Estimate overheads for specific observations

Solar System Body Ephemeridis Data Calculate ephemerides for solar-system bodies (External link, JPL. La Palma observatory code is 950)
Almanac Data Calculate almanac data for Roque de los Muchachos and other sites for any date. (External link, ING)
Visibility Plots Show the observability of objects for a particular night, over a year, or find optimal observing dates. (Length of night)
Visplot New visibility plot tool that allows automatic, nearly-optimal scheduling of an entire observing night.

Live Observing Log View the observing log for the current night online
Guide Stars Search the guidestar server for suitable guide stars
Signal-to-Noise Calculator Calculate expected Signal-to-noise ratios for a range of instruments
Laser Traffic Control System See if the ING laser beam will interfere with your observations. (External link, ING)

Source Catalogue Create a source catalogue to be used at the NOT
The NOT blank fields Catalogue of blank fields for twilight flats
The NOT focus fields Catalogues of suitable focus fields for focussing the telescope
The NOT standard star catalogues page Informs about available standard star catalogues and how to use them
Standard Star List Show visibility tables of Landolt, Spectrophotometric or Infrared standard fields, including finding charts.
MOS plate-design validator and plotter Tool to validate and plot ALFOSC Multi Object Spectroscopy plate designs.
DDS Search Engine Create finding charts from the Digitized Sky Survey Catalog (External link, ING).
Aladin Create a finding chart using Aladin

Submit a Fault Report If you encounter problems during your run, please let us know by submitting a fault report
ToO/Mon Report If you make any observations for Target-of-Opportunity or Monitoring programs, please fill out the corresponding form
End-of-Night Report Please fill out this form at the end of every night
End-of-Run Report Please fill out this form at the end of the run

External Resources


Basic Data:


  • Search the IRAF help pages: @ NOAO, @ ESO, @ Gemini,
  • IRAF at florence:
    • start up IRAF by typing "iraf" in a terminal window.
      This will start an xgterm in background with bigger than default fonts and start IRAF command languauge.
    • Start up a DS9 window by typing "!ds9 &" in the iraf window

Miscellanous Resources:

See also our general links page.

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