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The Nordic Optical Telescope near-infrared Camera and spectrograph

General Information
NOTCam News status update
Instrument Overview , Drawings , Photos
Filters , Spectroscopy, ADC, Small stops
Current instrument setup
Observer's guides
NOTCam Cookbook, NOTCam User's Guide
Overheads Estimator , NOTCam spectroscopy
Observing Block (OB) Generator, Pointing Script Generator
Observing Tools, QuickLook Reduction Package
NOTCam performance
Zeropoints , Exposure Time Calculator (ETC)
New Science Array, Eng. Array , First Science Array
Detector Quality Control
Reports - Documentation
List of NOTCam Documentation , Sequencer commands/scripts
New FITS format and headers
Flatfield archive , Badpix masks , Non-linearity models
Image Gallery , First light , Reports (1996-99)
Useful links and tools
Links to other NIR cameras
IR Astronomy Reference Info (standards etc.)
Publications with NOTCam data
Internal staff pages
Filling , Mounting , Monitoring , Start-up , Dismount
First night tasks , Tech time tasks , Software
Transfer from SB , Transfer to SB
Open , Close , PTR-and-Cooling , Bulletin Board
Special Maintenance Procedures, How restart PTR
Comments to Anlaug Amanda Djupvik
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Back to top Last modified: April 24 2024